Project Pony

The Way of the Horse is providing a unique opportunity in order to support disadvantaged and vulnerable young people. This will be achieved by the provision of a pony for the client to work together with for the next 12 months. By creating a partnership between the client and the horse, they will acquire new life skills such as independence, communication and reliability which will be able to be transfered to their everyday lives.

Through the current work of the Way of The Horse, we have determined that the horses are a valuable tool in providing young, vulnerable and disadvantaged people with a deeper insight to their fixed behavioural patterns and negative mind sets. By maintaining a consistent and authentic relationship with their horse, the client will be able to develop themselves in terms of confidence, which will in turn help them with their future academic and personal endeavors. The work with the horses will aim to provide individuals with the opportunity to move on and process their past.

This project will also support the families, carers and friends of the clients due to the benefits that the individuals will develop. We are currently working with 2 clients and also will be monitoring their progress en route!

Sessions for Children & Young People

Sessions 1.5 hours for 1 - 6 people POA
Sessions 3 hours POA
sessions 6 hour to include lunch POA (week day only)
Each sessions will include 6 weeks tailored to the client

HorseBoy sessions are run at the weekend.. a typical session will include games with the horses, horseback learning with music and time in the sensory room. These sessions are run at the weekend only.

Sensory room sessions can be arranged separately. POA

Schools/Academies please contact us to discuss your requirements. POA