Dina Hooton

Dina Hooton is the founder of 'The Way of The Horse' and has set out to provide a calming, peaceful environment for people to come and experience interaction with the horses. Dina is the only Medicine Horse Way Instructor in the UK.


Dina and Derek work tirelessly together to make The Way of the Horse a successful organisation


Dina with her daughter Georgie & son Joe - Georgie works part time to help at the yard with the children at the weekends & Holidays.

Georgie is at University training to be an English teacher.


Emma is one of the Directors at The Way of the Horse

As a diligent postdoctoral researcher with a PhD in cognitive neuropsychology, MPhil in neurology and behaviour and BSc (Hons) 2.1 in neuroscience from the University of Sussex, Emma has in-depth knowledge of both psychology and neuroscience, as well as eight years’ research experience.

A published author and experienced presenter, Emma is passionate and effective when disseminating both knowledge and research findings.


Elaine is one of our directors

She brings with her a wealth of experience working with Local Authorities


Sasha is an important part of the Way of the Horse family.

Her skills include barking, wagging and she is very good at cuddles


Is our hansome black Military Horse standing at 16'2. He has been in the cavalry since he was 5 years old, is retired and was given to us to work with children.

He is the kindest, sweetest horse and very safe around young children and adults. He is ridden and loves hacking out and loves fuss and attention

Big Harry

Is my very special horse that is the sensory member of the herd. Worth a million pounds to me and probably a £1 to anyone else, Harry has been with me from the beginning and was the horse that was difficult to ride and I wanted to sell. Everyone that came to try him out he acted silly with and tried to run off with them or bucked and scared them, so it's almost he knew he had to stay. Harry has been a gem with this work. He was meant to be with me I guess..

Harry is very sensitive and gentle and teaches such patience in this busy world. He is the sensory herd member and is also very more aware than the others of peoples body language and how they are feeling with their emotions... very clever I know. He is 18 years old and dark bay in colour. He loves fuss and to be scratched under his belly.

Little Harry

Little Harry is age 13. He is very aloof, not bothered by fuss, likes to do his job and eat. I have had him 4 years. He had previously been a working hunter champion with his previous owners and my daughter had him for hacking out and jumping. A real confidence give and safe. He now works with autistic children and our Horseboy method and adults with low level mental health issues.

He is driven by food and carrots...


Smokey was one of our first rescues from a facebook advertisement looking for a home for him. He had been with a lovely lady for 20 years and she had become ill and her family could no longer look after Smokey. He is now about 26/27. He had done quite high level dressage previous to this with his owner. He is very clever and cheeky, he can untie himself from a rope, take a headcollar off and also unlock a stable door...he needs to be stimulated or gets easily bored and still gets up to mischief.


Maydew is our resident cheeky Shetland. She is very sweet, caring and patient. She works a lot with children at liberty and also on lead rein and loves being with people more than horses.

She is going to be going out to schools after Easter to show children how we can help people that suffer with anxiety/depression and to advertise the business.