What is Equine Facilitated Learning?

Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) helps people cope with the daily issues and pressures of day to day life . We use natural horsemanship and Medicine Horse Way techniques to reflect back to students how their actions affect people around them. We have a quiet and tranquil setting which aids learning.

We have found these methods to be particularly successful with children and adults that have Autism and ADHD. We have studied theories that the horse's movement can aid and stimulate the neurological brain of children and young people who have delayed speech issues.

We have established an Equine facilitated learning programme that will provide self-help treatment for children and adults who have suffered emotional trauma. The programme provides a process of learning that can assist people with mental health problems when other conventional medical pathways have failed.

The underlying principle is that horses can awaken intuition and unspoken feelings and fears that can be released via simple engagements with horses.

A typical session will involve setting up activities with the horses that will require students to use skills they had not used before.

We also work on emotions and behaviours in our reflective round pen area.